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A fine and crisp handcrafted Vodka. French, with a punch of finesse.

Spiritique introduces Bistro Vodka, a fine and light Vodka offering the authenticity and simplicity of a Parisian bistrot, using French craftsmanship.


Spiritique is a French house of spirits. Every Spiritique product is carefully crafted in France, respecting tradition while embracing innovation. 


Thanks to French distillation savoir-faire, Bistro Vodka is made from the fine distillation
of top quality French grain, offering a fine vodka, both simple and light. 

Bistro Vodka embodies the easiness and authenticity of Parisian bistrots with the added satisfaction of a unique finesse.


In 1814, the Russians were in Paris. Although they were not allowed to drink in pubs, they were served Vodka when they would ask for a quick drink. Quick being “быстро” (bistro) in Russian, the parisians “Bistrots” were born.


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